Exhibition sectors

Heavy equipment territory
Machines and large-size equipment
IT-technology and automation of technological processes
Automated control systems for open and underground mining
Automated control systems for mining transport complex
Mineral exploration
Drilling and geology-prospecting equipment
Geology and hydrogeology
Mineral production
Geotechnologies, hydromechanization
Underground mining equipment
Mineral processing and dressing
Crushing and grinding equipment, screens and feeders
Classification equipment
Movement and transportation
Conveyor systems
Conveyor belt cleaning devices and systems
Ensuring the safety of mining operations
Equipment for physical and technical control of production
Technologies used to prevent rock bursts and sudden outbursts
Water treatment, air filtration and environmental monitoring systems
Aerological and ventilation equipment
Filtration systems
Laboratory equipment & materials
General laboratory equipment
Supplements and components
Plain bearing and safety joints
Power supply equipment for mining companies
Electrical equipment and power supply
Power plants
Construction technologies in mining
Prefabricated buildings, steel structures
Concrete mixing equipment