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23-rd International exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals
23-25 April 2019 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

Cascade Corporation custom solutions in MWR 2018.

Cascade Corporation thrives by providing custom solutions to its clients, President and CEO Andy Anderson says. “Cascade is a company that is built on solving very specific material handling needs for customers globally,” he declares.

Based in Fairview, Ore., just outside of Portland, Cascade designs and manufactures material handling equipment for the lift truck, construction and mining industries. “We specialize in highly engineered hydraulic attachments for lift trucks, telehandlers and wheel loaders,” Global Product Manager Doug Pierce says.

That paved the way for Cascade to become the leader in its niche with material handling products that help lift, side shift, rotate, tilt and clamp loads, including tires, pipes and metal. “We pride ourselves on manufacturing some of the best products in the industry with a focus on maximizing value to our customers,” Pierce says.

Cascade has built a large footprint with 17 locations around the world including facilities in North America, China, Europe, Australia, Korea and Japan. “Several of Cascade’s global locations are in proximity with mining centers around the world”,” he adds.

Cascade’s products include its tire handler, which it has offered for more than two decades, COO Davide Roncari says. The handlers, which were originally developed in Australia, can move, change or stack tires of any size, weight or type. “We made a global design that we can build and manufacture in every single continent,” he says. “This allows us to produce our attachments for the local market, resulting in faster shipment and less freight and duty costs for our customers than if shipped overseas.”

Not only are its tire handlers heavily used in the mining industry, but its rotators are used in the processing sides of the mines, along with Cascade’s fork positioners and sideshifters. Available for a range of truck capacities, these products allow the driver to adjust load positioning without getting out of the truck. This provides faster and more accurate loading, which is ideal for the heavy-duty loads handled in the mining and energy industries.

Pipe Hold Downs and a wide variety of specialized Clamps also are available in various configurations and allow for secure and stable handling of wide loads such as massive drill pipes. “Our success has really been based on the quality of our products and the level of service that we provide,” Pierce says.

Stand number A813, Hall 13 Pav 3