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23-rd International exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals
23-25 April 2019 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

Cascade is investing in increasing the productivity of its equipment for end-users.

Cascade’s ability to customize its equipment has set it apart. “It’s not about what we want. It’s about what the customer wants,” Australian National Sales Manager Rob Whitmore declares.

During the development process, Cascade sits down with customers to find the right solutions for their application. This can include visibility studies and the option of 90- or 360-degree tipping pads on its tire handlers. A wide range of accessories are also offered to go under tire handlers, such as specialized rim-handling or tire chain handling pads.

After 75 years in the industry, “We never turn down any request from a customer. With hundreds of experienced product engineers across the globe, Cascade designs the most custom attachments in the industry,” Roncari asserts. “Special attachment requests are met with reliable and high-performance solutions for the customer’s specific needs.”

Cascade is investing in increasing the productivity of its equipment for end-users. “We’re continuing to work toward lowering the total cost of ownership for our customers through our industry-leading warranty program and extended service lives,” Anderson says.

This includes a focus on energy efficiency. “Our attachments are powered mainly by hydraulics, so we’ve been focused on developing very efficient products which minimize energy consumption,” Roncari says.

The company also is responding to industry requests to gather application-specific data and communicate this to a digital platform for easy retrieval. This data could then be used by the customer in a variety of ways to improve productivity, such as preventing overloads or controlling waste.

Anderson sees a strong future for Cascade. “The ability to solve very specific customer needs will provide our foundation for many, many years to come,” he predicts, noting that he expects the company to keep growing, particularly in the energy, mining and large vehicle sectors.

Cascade also plans to continue transferring knowledge it gained in various sectors to others. “For many decades, the primary vehicle that our attachments served operated in a warehouse with a concrete floor,” he recalls.

“In the past two decades, we’ve broadened our focus to include material handling solutions for vehicles that operate out in the dirt,” Anderson says. “There will be a long-term, continuous expansion in this industry, and we’re looking forward to serving these customers with innovative, high-quality products to meet their requirements.” 

Stand number A813, Hall 13 Pav 3