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24-th International exhibition of machines and equipment for mining, processing and transportation of minerals
21-23 April 2020 • Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

Introducing BeltMetrics™

Motion Metrics is excited to introduce our newest product, BeltMetrics™. This ruggedized 3D imaging fragmentation analysis solution is designed to measure rock size distribution on conveyor belts at mines and quarries worldwide and is an essential part of any mine-to-mill optimization campaign. BeltMetrics™ continually assesses rock size distribution without interrupting production and is an accurate alternative to traditional sieve analysis.
Introducing BeltMetrics™

Rock fragmentation is one of the most critical metrics mines can measure with a mine-to-mill approach.  Because material size impacts all downstream operating costs, fragmentation should be analyzed on a continuous basis to optimize cost and maximize yield.  Insufficient blasting can produce material too large for mine equipment to efficiently dig and transport, which can lead to equipment damage and increased maintenance costs.  On the other hand, over-blasting consumes excess energy and results in high explosives expenses.  Analyzing fragmentation with BeltMetrics™ on an ongoing basis can determine when feed size is trending away from optimum so corrections can be made.

Like PortaMetrics™, BeltMetrics™ uses a rugged stereo camera and artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure every visible rock is scaled and measured accurately.  High-powered industrial LED lights ensure the system operates reliably 24 hours per day without the need to remove rock samples from the belt.  The high-resolution camera ensures that even small particles are captured and analyzed – BeltMetrics™ can detect rocks as small as 0.6 cm.    The system can also detect when the conveyor belt is empty, alerting mine staff to blocked screens or chutes to ensure operation continues smoothly.

The release of BeltMetrics™ marks an important development in the Motion Metrics fragmentation analysis product line – now, mines can measure rock size distribution along the entire mine-to-mill comminution circuit.   Used in conjunction with ShovelMetrics™, PortaMetrics™, and MetricsManager™ Pro, BeltMetrics™ provides a clear understanding of blasting, crushing, and grinding operations.

To learn more about BeltMetrics™, visit our product page.  Or, contact our sales team. Also, you can visit Motion Metrics booth at international exhibition MiningWorld Russia.